Foxtail Studios began in 1994 under another name entirely: “M&J Comics”. Back then, J. Powers was drawing a comic called “The Adventures of Brownie and Sparky” (TABS for short), about two cartoon dogs (later adding Smokey, Sparky’s brother into the mix in 1995). The comic was featured offline and was mostly circulated amongst friends. Its final issue did happen to be featured in J’s High School Art and Literature compilation book in 1999.

The studio underwent a name change in 1996 when J. Powers moved to Georgia, due to Mike (hence M&J) no longer being there. After spending some time researching a name that’d not already been taken, J eventually decided upon Foxtail Studios.

Foxtail Studios had a cult local following, producing an online book in 1997, The Crystal Rose Chronicles (J’s Note: Yeah, Geocities destroyed it and it was written on a computer that is no longer functional. It’s gone for good, unfortunately…). TCRC became the foundation for the character Quinn Leaper, defining his childhood and personality. In 1999, a sequel to TCRC was started by J and a friend, S. Brunson, with influence from B. Owens to create “Crystal Fusion”. That comic remains unfinished, but it helped to create a slew of new characters and develop J’s skill.

FTS went on to create a comic in 2001, called “Day Shift”, which featured a restaurant called “MythBurger”, whose mythological workers were based off J’s then co-workers.

In 2004, J. Powers had several new comic ideas, determined to craft a quality work. The result was DoubleSoul and the beginnings of what would eventually become the CrossWorlds. It was also around this time that Foxtail Studios produced character art posters for donations to the Humane Society. $300 was gathered via this effort.

In 2009, J. Powers had the opportunity to post his comics online, though this was short-lived as the website’s owner took the site off the web. In January 2010, J finally brought the website online on his own merit, bringing writer B. Ratcliff and his two comic concepts, “Random Encounter” and “The Kingdom of Kandar”, onboard.

DoubleSoul and CrossWorlds are two series created by J. Powers.

DoubleSoul’s groundwork started in 1996 with the creation of the series protagonist. After many incarnations and much development, along with story writing and construction, the DoubleSoul world history, mechanics, and characters were finally decided upon and work began to produce the comic in 2009. After a few false starts and even a DoubleSoul roleplay, the series finally gets its own website, slated for release in 2010.

DoubleSoul is a science-fiction action/comedy comic, heavily influenced by mythology. With plans for five different “seasons”, there’s definitely going to be a lot of content.

CrossWorlds originally started in 2008 on a piece of notebook paper by sheer accident, and under a different name entirely. Using characters that were intended for a separate comic that parodied Final Fantasy XI, a page-long rant was produced, the characters’ absurd logic becoming its own insane punchline.  The series was critically acclaimed by local comic enthusiasts, and eventually got its start elsewhere on the web in 2009. After the website hosting the original comic shut down later that year, it was scheduled to reappear alongside DoubleSoul in 2010 on its new website. After some internal debate, the author eventually grew tired of the original format, killed the characters, and literally tried to bury them (and the comic). Apparently, Jaxen and Hidari would not put up with it, and brought themselves back to life as zombies (they got better).

The CrossWorlds is a story about two former comic characters who’ve come to the “real world” after being ditched by their creator, and their antics as they strive to survive in the best way they know how: as ridiculously as possible.

Random Encounter and the Kingdom of Kandar are two series created by B. Ratcliff. They will be drawn by J. Powers.

Random Encounter started as an idea for an RPG Maker game in late 2003. The original version of the story was completely written by 2004, along with the concepts of most of the characters; however, difficulties in finding a spriter to do graphics for the game caused it to be set aside and eventually abandoned. The story was revamped and expanded on in the time since, and now with the aid of J. Powers’ artistic skills [J’s Note: I have skills?!] is being redesigned as a webcomic tale.

Random Encounter is a fantasy action comic, taking its cues from mythology as well as modern literature. There is only a single storyline, making it a shorter story overall than DoubleSoul or Kingdom of Kandar; said story is divided into five “acts” that all share a central plot.

Kingdom of Kandar, like Random Encounter, began as an idea for a series of RPG Maker games that was abandoned when graphics and coding proved too advanced for its creator and no interested parties could be acquired to cover the need. The first version, created in 2001-2002, encompassed only the first “book” of the current tale and was inspired by another planned game idea, and originally intended to be their story but soon diverted off and became its own separate creation. The story was heavily edited and altered to remove direct influences by the original idea, and by 2005 had developed on its own and expanded into three planned sequels.

Kingdom of Kandar is a fantasy action comic with hints of sci-fi and steampunk fantasy. Though much of the story borrows from legend, myth, tradition, or religion, it owes its greatest influence to modern adventure RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy, and the like. It is composed of four “books”, each with their own distinct storyline.

Foxtail Studios is:

J. Powers — Website Admin, Author (CrossWorlds and DoubleSoul), and Artist (CW, DS, Random Encounter, and Kingdom of Kandar)

B. Ratcliff — Website Admin, Author (DoubleSoul, Random Encounter, and Kingdom of Kandar)

M. Rago — Forum Admin

C. Reynolds — Foxtail Staff: Colors (CW, RE, DS, KoK)

A. Villarreal — Foxtail Staff: Background Artist (RE, DS, KoK)

L. Ratcliff — Foxtail Staff: Editor (RE, DS, KoK)

This website and its content are copyright 1994-2010 to Foxtail Studios and their respective authors and artists unless otherwise noted.